Anti Theft with Auto hold

“ The World first Auto Brake Hold & Anti-Theft system ”

Anti Theft

The Anti Theft Function

This system can be control very easy with the remote control. If someone try to theft your car, the solenoid valve hold the wheel, and the car will not move any more until release the anti-theft mode., and this system can be install wide range of all hydraulic brake type vehicles.

Auto Hold

The Auto Hold function

The most advanced supplementary safety device. This system allows time to free your foot from the brake pedal on the traffic jam or up-down hill. It helps to avoid fatigue while driving for long hours on heavy congested road. Up-grade your car to High-Class car and enjoy world’s 1st new technology

Packing box size
22.5 x 19.5 x 9.5 cm Anti-Theft + Auto hold
·HI Safe & Guard Components·
MADE IN KOREA HI Safe & Guard Components

Product Specification
Main Control
size 116 x 67 x 31(mm)
Power 12Vdc / 24Vdc
On-off Switch Dimension 35 x 22 x 13(mm)
Solenoid Valve Power ≤1.5A @ 12V
Frequency 447.7Mhz
Dimension 68 x 32 x 13
Weight 30g
RF Output Power ≤ 5mW
Range of Radio Wave 100 ~150m

·Certificate of Patents·

certificate certificate