Eco saving(ISG with auto hold)

“ Save the Earth and save money with Eco saving ”

ISG Function
(Idle Stop & Go)

ISG (Idle Stop & Go)

ISG is a system that switches off the engine when stationary at the traffic light or due to heavy traffic jam for more than 5 seconds, and switches the engine back on instantly when the accelerator pedal is pressed to resume driving. This system will be help to preserve the earth environment and reduce fuel saving cost.

Auto Hold

The Auto Hold function

The most advanced supplementary safety device. This system allows time to free your foot from the brake pedal on the traffic jam or up-down hill. It helps to avoid fatigue while driving for long hours on heavy congested road. Up-grade your car to High-Class car and enjoy world’s 1st new technology

Eco Saving kits components

ISG main Unit
Control the ISG and Auto brake Function

Solenoid Valve (2EA)
Maintain the braking power by maintain the pressure of Brake oil.

Can bus module
Communicate to Can bus through OBD, Connected jack by jack

Safety switch

Connector Cable

kits Components