Anti Theft with Auto hold

Upgrade your Car


    Free your mind and leg!
  • Convenient
  • Best & easy Anti-theft system works with one Remo controller touch.
  • Free drivers from frequent brakes in congestion & commuting in busy cities
  • Drivers can choose the operation functions.


    Safety comes first!
  • Keeps the four-wheel drive braking power & safe
  • Start & stops without slipping on up and down hills.
  • Prevent from collisions/ unintended accelerations.
  • Give rest to your feet ? Fatigue DOWN, Safety UP
  • Drivers can park cars in any locations without worrying about theft


    World’s first Auto hold+Anti-Theft
  • More Upgrade than the genuine system
  • Auto brake & Anti-theft double action system
  • World’s first high technology anti-theft system (Blocks car theft)
  • Installation available on all types of vehicles such as sedans, SUV, and even old trucks
  • Installation available on auto & manual transmission
  • Easy installation by plug to plug


    Protect your valued cars!
  • Prevent car theft at reasonable price and protect your expensive cars
  • Semi-permanent life cycle allows to reinstall when changing cars
  • Easy, practical & lower price than choosing optional equipment
  • Economical extended spare pasts replacement period


  1. The manual transmission will be upgraded to semi-automatic transmission.

  2. Prevents the unexpected accident incurred from poor driving.

  3. prevents the damage of brake system and cable when towing a car.

  4. Extends the life span of each components, it leads to Saving the Money!

  5. HI SAFE & GUARD helps enjoy safe and comfortable driving.

Comparing of the life span of components

Component Life span (Km)
Before installation After installation
Brake lining 20,000 25,000
Brake oil 30,000 40,000
Brake master 130,000 160,000
Wheel cylinder 130,000 160,000
Caliper 130,000 170,000
Disk plate 80,000 100,000
Trivet disk set 100,000 130,000
Stick mission 150,000 200,000
Brake switch 50,000 90,000
Parking cable 50,000 80,000